Students Receive April Fools Prank from Fake University Email

Credit: Volodymyr Hryshchenko via Unsplash

By Bethany Dawson and Harriet Seedhouse

Some students at the University of Surrey have received an email from a fake email address stating that only ‘9% of second year students have been able to find a placement’ for the upcoming academic year, thus meaning the University would be over capacity. 

The spam email highlights this issue, and then invites students to withdraw their studies for a year in order to ensure enough resources are available. A quota of 30% withdrawal rates is proposed. 

It should be stressed that this is a false scenario, and the University is not proposing students to withdraw.

The email then states a partnership with a (fake) University in Papua New Guinea has been established to allow students from the University of Surrey to take a year abroad.

The email poses as an official University of Surrey email address.

It is not clear exactly which students have received this email, or who the sender is.

Gemma Paine, Students’ Union President, confirms this is spam. 

The email comes at a time of fraught emotions and high stress, when students are unsure if they will be able to graduate or take their upcoming exams.

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