University of Surrey Announces ‘No-Detriment’ Policy

Source: The Guardian

By Bethany Dawson

The University of Surrey is the latest in a number of Universities to announce a “no detriment” policy for every student on a taught programme in the 2019/20 academic year.

The policy, announced on the 1st of April, acts as a “safety net” and ensures the grade of students for the 2019/20 academic year will not fall below their grade average achieved as of Thursday 12th March 2020.

If a student exceeds this grade, their average for the entire academic year ‘may’ go up.

This policy does not apply to all students, and arrangements for Postgraduate Research students, students on Professional Training Years (sometimes referred to as Placement Years) and Exchange students, and students in the Schools of Heath Sciences, where students may soon be called on to support the NHS, are yet to be confirmed.

The University states that students with Learning Support Agreements from the Disability and Neurodiversity team will be contacted to have their adjustments reviewed.

This policy announcement comes after students from the University of Surrey have been calling for a no detriment policy in line with moves already made by institutions such as the University of Exeter, Southampton, and Leeds. A student at the University of Surrey launched a petition six days ago to pressure the University to implement a no detriment policy, and it has amassed almost 3000 signatures.

Students’ Union President Gemma Paine told Incite: “I know this time has been extremely turbulent for students and it’s caused a lot of anxiety. After a lot of work from the union and the University, I hope this policy will really help student be reassured”

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