The Importance Of The “Twenty’s Plenty” Campaign For Football Fans

James Steel writes about the laudable effort of the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign to bring down football games’ ticket prices, which would allow football fans to be more active supporters both at home and away matches.

By James Steel 

Why I back the “Twenty’s Plenty” campaign for football away fans:

Over the recent past football supporters of Premier League clubs have been ripped off by the prices they have had to pay for game day tickets and season tickets to go see their football teams play both home and away matches.

Now, getting Arsenal F.C. for example to bring down the prices of their season tickets prices would be a mountain of a challenge for football supporters but the one thing a group of organised supporters has done is start a ’Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign to bring the price of away day tickets down to £20 maximum to be charged per seat.

This campaign was a brilliant idea because away seats can be more easily lobbied to be brought down in price. It is a matter of principle as well. Indeed, your average Premier League football supporter has to travel to London 4/5 times a season, Liverpool 2 times a season, the South coast 2 times a season, Manchester 2 times a season and the Midlands and the North East 3 times a season.

All of this begins to add up in price for train fares to get to the cities and towns or for groups to organise coach trips up to the stadiums, the trips themselves taking any where from 2 to 6 hours on the coach. This coupled with the fact the smaller teams could see their teams thrashed by a bigger club makes the life of the football fan a little bit hard.

So having the campaign which brings the prices right down will make the trip a little bit more enjoyable for the supporters and doesn’t leave them out of pocket for wanting to partake in their pastimes of watching their beloved football team win, lose, or draw to teams across the country.

But there can be improvements from this. There needs to be a way for football teams to start bringing down the price of season tickets and match day tickets to the home games because the current prices are unaffordable for the majority of working football supporters.

Now the current argument against this is that football clubs can’t do this without seeing a major decrease in revenue to the football club. But looking at how football clubs are funded these days, we can see that  year on year the percentages are creeping up for ad and TV broadcasting rights revenue and decreasing for match day and season ticket revenue. This would mean that if a cut was introduced the effect the club would experience would be minimal to the overall budget.

It would also help fix a current problem with modern day football, the atmosphere in the stadium. If you asked a football supporter who has been attending games for the past 3 or so decades they would say that there was better atmosphere in the stadiums 30 odd years ago and the mood and chanting has decreased over the years. Bringing down the price of the tickets would allow more working football supporters  to attend games regularly and improve the atmosphere within the stadiums.

This would greatly help clubs like Manchester City and West Ham United, as their recent move into bigger, more modern stadiums has led to problems of quiet atmospheres. Manchester City has the mick taken out of them by other football supporters for the quietness of the atmosphere and the lack of supporters within the grounds. A decrease in the prices would bring fans into the stadiums and increase the chanting and improve the atmosphere.

As such I hope you would back the Twenty’s Plenty campaign and the decrease in ticket prices , so that football is about the supporters again and not the accountants.

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