How To Rebuild A European Project In Crisis

By focusing on economics over politics, prosperity over peace, and bureaucracy over democracy, the EU has lost its raison d’être. In a globalised era, the apathy and anger of economic losers has helped fuel a populist sentiment which threatens the EU’s legitimacy and undermines its power. Javier Martín Merchán discusses how to overcome such a hurdle.

#MeToo, One Year On

The Me Too movement has greatly and lastingly impacted all aspects of our lives. But what has it concretely accomplished since it swiflty pervaded the cultural and political discourse a year ago? Chloé Meley discusses accountability, at a time when some people seem to get away with murder so easily.

No Profit In Pain

Acting as both commercial organisations and public institutions, universities have to reconcile business endeavours and ethical responsibilities. Nick Werren discusses how economic concerns often prevail, to the detriment of crucial values.