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How to help Lebanon

By Bethany Dawson A huge explosion in the Lebanese city of Beirut has devastated the surrounding areas, with current figures stating that over 50 people have died and more than 2700 people have been injured.  Footage of a mushroom cloud bursting out of the city’s port and overwhelming the city depicts the severity of the incident, which was felt 240km in Cyprus.  Wherever this news is reaching you, here is what you can do to help:  Donate  Donate to the Lebanese red cross  Donate to Impact Lebanon’s explosion relief fund  Donate to the Lebanese food bank Here’s a list of NGOs to donate to  Educate This explosion is just one part of an incredibly difficult time for Lebanese people, with the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbating the effects of a financial crisis underpinned by civil divisions.  Learning what is going on, and spreading that information when you’re in a position to do so, is vital. We’d recommend the following resources:  Here’s a timeline of what’s happened in Lebanon over the past decade Why the country is in crisis  A view into the Lebanon protests This article will be updated in order to add further resources.

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