By Julie Ngalle

The UK went in isolation two weeks ago now and a lot of us are struggling with keeping busy or simply maintaining a positive attitude towards the global situation. Many are still away from their loved ones, some isolating alone or in emotionally challenging atmospheres, and the University of Surrey community is aware of that. Lately, the Students’ Union has been putting in place a range of initiatives to make your everyday life a little bit easier and slightly more cheerful. 

For one, it was announced today that the beloved fruit and veg market that took place every Thursday in Rubix would still be open for weekly deliveries. Due to high demand, it is required you place an order and will get a phone confirmation in 1 to 2 working days. You can check their website to find out more and order. 

Every Tuesday, the Students’ Union also invites you to join their live Hari’s Challenge Pub Quiz at 8pm. Head over to their Facebook page to learn more and join the virtual pub quiz every week.

Finally, today, the University of Surrey took part in the #WeAreTogether campaign across all their social media platforms in honour of World Health Day. “The hashtag will bring together all the work universities are doing across the sector to help the national effort again COVID-19, promoting messages of solidarity, support and gratitude at this challenging time”, today’s Daily Bulletin read. By typing this hashtag into Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you will be able to read hopeful, positive messages and stories to help gain perspective and challenge the dark thoughts and questions that come with the uncertainty and fear that many currently feel. 

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