Incite has asked all candidates in this years SU elections what they want to change at Surrey.

In the running for the Activity Zone is Adrian Varnavas-Diakidis, Amy Cameron-Potter, Annabel Sheridan, Eimantas Budrys, and Rhys Whitlock.

On the zone dedicated to sports and societies, just one candidate wrote in to Incite.

Annabel Sheridan

There are many improvements that have been made on the academic side of the University, but improvements made by students in their own societies are not widely known. I want to help promote these developments on behalf of the students at Surrey and help get them known in wider student communities. One of my manifesto points explains that I aim to create more social events for exactly this reason. These events will facilitate more communication between club and society leaders and widen their knowledge of the wide range of events that students attend at Surrey. This can also be a format in which to share what they have been doing behind the scenes to keep their club / society running smoothly.

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Annabel Sheridan

I am advocate for ‘getting involved’ and so I would like to promote society attendance and physical activity alongside students’ studies. It is so important for your physical, and most importantly mental wellbeing to stay active, and so I advocate for students to adopt the ‘get up and go’ mindset. I find that if I simply walk to a campus for a lecture instead of taking the bus, I am more focused in listening and taking notes and am able to think more clearly and collate my ideas better. In this way I want to promote that there are infinite ways to stay active and move your body, and in turn this can help you produce better work and ultimately get better grades! – it’s a cycle of good, greatness, and mostly importantly happiness.

Student wellbeing is so important to me. I want to share the benefits I’ve found of getting outdoors and encourage student participation in the smaller clubs and societies. It’s always tricky to take that first step to participate in any new activity and get yourself out there, but as I found when I attended my first session of Gospel Choir, if you manage to attend just one session, you’ll probably want to go back for many more.

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