Incite has asked all candidates in this years SU elections what they want to change at Surrey.

In the running for the Support Zone is Ami Tudorache, Katie Crump, Liam White, Lydia Dixon, Margherita Sacchi, and Numa Begum.

The only candidate running for Support Zone to respond to Incite’s invitation was Ami.

Ami Tudorache

Hii! I’m Ami and I’m a 3rd year biomedical engineering student running for Support Zone! I’ve been the president of MechSoc since 2019, wellbeing champion, Student Minds Facilitator, Community Rep and Movember Ambassador and I won the FEPS Prize for Promoting Social Responsibility. Some fun facts about me are: I met Bryan May (from Queen), I did a TEDx talk and I won bronze at BUCS for Archery as a novice in my first year at uni! 

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Ami Tudorache

My 3 manifesto areas address all students on campus and include focus on wellbeing and uni life (after covid), campus and personal safety and an improvement in the help offered to students.

You can find something for everyone in my manifesto, from offering free self-defence classes, to creating a student-life video series, pushing for Ask for Angela in Rubix and implementing a Rubix entry app security feature and starting the conversation about what support international students need. I’ll expand on some of my pledges and detail how this will have an impact on Surrey and its students.

Raising awareness and starting to address homesickness and loneliness will create safe environment for talking about being homesick and for discussing healthy coping mechanisms and overcoming the fear of talking about it. This will significantly change many students’ uni-life experience for the better.

Having a regular SHAG day would start building a culture of comfort when it comes to talking about sex, it will normalise going to pick up free condoms and getting tested regularly and will give students a space to learn and keep each other safe while having fun.

Teaching our students how to be active bystanders will start shifting the boundaries on what is considered acceptable and will contribute to stopping all kinds of situations, from bullying to verbal abuse to racism, discrimination, violence and s*xual assault. Making this training easily accessible can be an important step in preventing harm for our students.

Pushing for a campus-wide normalisation of using they/them and other gender neutral pronouns will not only improve the experience of LGBTQ+ students, but it will push Surrey towards being a more inclusive, aware and welcoming community. 

I want to make Surrey safer, more open & welcoming, more inclusive and more focused on teaching students key life skills. Please vote Ami Tudorache 1 (first position) for Support Zone PTO when voting opens if anything in my manifesto resonates with you!

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