Incite has asked all candidates in this years SU elections what they want to change at Surrey.

In the running for Team Surrey Chair is Diana Dakik and Maxwell Phillips.

Only Diana chose to write in.

Diana Dakik

Hello readers!

I’m Diana Dakik, running to be re-elected as TeamSurrey Chair. I’ve been at Surrey for seven years completing my undergrad and starting a PhD! My journey into USSU was as course rep and through the Equestrian Club, joining in first year and becoming a signatory for four years. These experiences highlighted where things could be improved and I’ve since been a Union officer for three years; in the Voice Zone, Support Zone and now as TeamSurrey Chair in the Activity Zone.

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Diana Dakik

In an ideal world, activity would be free, and all groups would be equally engaged. Sadly, we’re not there yet, so, this year, my manifesto contains points to get us closer to that goal through;

  1. Improving the access to Participation in activity.
  2. Improving the We are TeamSurrey mindset.
  3. Improving individuals and clubs through Workshops.

To improve access to Participation, I aim to produce and publish an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion report. This will highlight where we, as an institution, are failing certain groups, and inform us on where improvements can be made ensuring equal access. Additionally, I aim to capitalise on existing campaigns and systems to aid in improvement. For example, re-introducing Girls Who Can Ambassadors, deploying them to groups across the student body, encouraging female participation and motivating clubs to include EDI goals in their development plans.

Secondly, the We are TeamSurrey mindset is so important when it comes to cohesiveness. Previously, TeamSurrey held “elitist” connotations. I want to break this down and ensure that grassroot players to experienced sportspeople feel part of the TeamSurrey community. Bringing sports to both campuses should improve accessibility as students are able to be active around their lectures.

SurreyMoves has been an incredible resource during the pandemic, energising students as well as providing the community feel. I want to maximise use of SurreyMoves to set up “clubs” on the app where members can meet and be active together. I would also use SurreyMoves to create “hype” leading up to campaigns.

And finally, once we’ve engaged students through the various activities, I would like to host workshops where members can learn to include their experiences on their CVs, capitalising on the skills developed, using these experiences to sell themselves to future employers.

Thank you for reading about my plans! I hope you feel that I would be a good choice to keep students active, equally.

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