Incite has asked all candidates in this years SU elections what they want to change at Surrey.

In the running to be your next Union Chair is Adesuwa Obasohan, Renee Hizon, and Tom Marsh. All candidates have taken the opportunity to write for Incite.

Adesuwa Obasohan

Hi, my name is Adesuwa and I am a fourth year Business Management MBus student running to be your Union Chair. 

One thing I’d like to change at Surrey is the awareness around the Union and it’s approachability. I think it’s important for students to know they are able to approach the union and be provided with the support they need.

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Adesuwa Obasohan

Although the Union receives high engagement, it seems as though it’s from the same group of students. This is the reason why it is important  to increase awareness throughout the student body. I believe it’s important to tap into the students who are not “active” in the Union and provide them with the platform to make a change and a difference to their student experience. 

I want students to know that with me as the Union Chair, their change can be made to their Union. Which is why my stance is #YourUnionYourChange.”

Renee Hizon

Hello everyone, I’m Ren/Renee (unsure how you know me as) and I am running for the position of Union Chair for next year!

I am running for Union Chair because I believe students deserve the very best, and a lot of this stems from ensuring that the Officers YOU elect fulfil their promises to you.

I have been part of the Voice Zone Committee this year and have absolutely loved my time serving you as a Union Officer. I am also a Course Rep, a Student Ambassador, part of the committee for the Economics and Finance Society, all while being on placement at the Bank of England.

What I want to change at Surrey is how the Union and its Chair engages with the wider student community. My manifesto rests upon improving the engagement of the Students’ Union with students; employing ways to make the way the Union Chair holds Officers to account more accountable; and increasing the visibility of the Union to the students.

I have a detailed plan on how I intend to do this on my social media page ( in order to give you assurance that what I want to do can be feasible over the coming year. Your elected Officers owe you what they promise to you on their manifestos, and I want to help them deliver on those promises by offering them my support in their work rather than just taking notes on what they’re doing as part of “holding them accountable”. In this way, the Union Chair plays a more active role in the lives of Officers directly, and thus the lives of Surrey students. In addition, by creating innovative ways of communicating with students what the Union is doing, the Union is able to engage more effectively with students.

For a brighter day, VOTE RENEE [1] for Union Chair!

Tom Marsh

I’m Tom Marsh and would like to initially thank Incite for giving me this space to talk about my campaign.

I am running a policy focused campaign that aims to change three main areas: the USSU website, the Union’s outreach and the spotlighting of committees and the elected officers.

Tom Marsh

 I would like to add another section to the SU web-page that will allow anyone with an SU login to be able to see what officers have contributed throughout the year. (Similar to the idea of “”) This will include several metrics but its aim is to take up the publicly available information about officers and present it in a concise easily digestible format. You shouldn’t have to closely follow the Union’s work to understand what’s going on. My campaign will give you just that, a clear understanding without having to be an expert.

I also want to introduce a help menu to the web-page that will allow you to the find web-pages that you’re looking for, so you no longer have to get lost searching through all the menus.

I would also like to change a couple areas with regards to outreach as well. Firstly, I would like to work with first years and freshers especially to help bring awareness to committees such as Exec to help encourage students to get involved. I would also like to introduce a monthly Union email, laying out the different opportunities available to students. For example, committee times and locations but also any outreach campaigns the Union is doing in the related month.

Finally, spotlighting. This will bring awareness to not only how committees work but also what the elected officers and committees actually get up to. Between the “SU officer of the month” and showing committee wins, with me elected as Union Chair, it will be whole lot easier to see what’s done in your name.

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