Incite has asked all candidates in this years SU elections what they want to change at Surrey.

In the running for VP Voice is Megan Simmons, Chloe Thomas, Sophie Babeau and Polya Yaneva.

Megan Simmons accepted the invitation to write in to Incite.

Megan Simmons

Hello readers of Incite,

My name is Megan and I am running to become the next VP Voice. My year as a Voice Zone Officer has shaped my final year of University and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I am running to do it full time next year. My campaign ideas fall into three categories. I want to make sure Hybrid Learning works for students, I want the Surrey community to feel liberated and celebrated across campus, and I want students to be able to give feedback to us and the University, and to be communicated with efficiently.

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Megan Simmons


As a candidate for a full time position, there are many things that I would like to change at Surrey. The general theme of my manifesto this year is not just to raise student voices, but to empower students to raise their own voices and others, and generally just feel empowered to do well in their studies. My manifesto consists of many specific points that will help me achieve the goal of empowering more students at Surrey if elected as VP Voice.

Hybrid Learning is something that we are all impacted by this year. There has always been a call for more digital learning in higher education, but the pandemic forced universities across the country to make that a reality in such a small space of time. The University has had just over a year of Hybrid Learning now, and is constantly learning what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, a lot of what we have learnt has come from trial and error, and inconsistency in learning can negatively impact students. If elected, I want to fight to make sure Hybrid Learning is more consistent in the next academic year so students can be empowered to perform better.

Students around campus are passionate about diversity and inclusion. We can see this in clubs & societies, campaigns run by the Union and other great initiatives throughout the year. Yet, volunteering for the Liberation Network has been extremely low. There are many reasons why I believe this is the case, including the pandemic, but the two main ones I see is the purpose of the network is unclear, and students currently feel intimidated by it. If elected, I want to host an “Empowered Surrey” event at the beginning of the year to empower students to start those conversations around Liberation and to hopefully get more students involved in the network.

The pandemic has led to a disconnect between students, the Students’ Union and the University. Often students are forced to reach out rather than the other way round. We have attempted to use Comms to reach out to students this year, however, so many students I know have no idea what we as a Students’ Union are up to. If elected, I want to work with the Comms team both in the Union and the University, and the rest of the elected officers on how we communicate our events, including consistency and simplicity. 

There is so much more to my manifesto and ideas. If you are interested in learning more about my manifesto, why my points are important and how I plan to achieve them, head over to @meganimpactonsurrey on either Instagram or Facebook where I post regularly. In short, the change I would like to see is students being empowered by their Students’ Union in a variety of ways. If you like that, vote Megan as [1] for VP Voice. Let’s #MakeaMEGAnImpact together. Thank you for reading.

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