By Atiya Chowdhury

Charity Week is a very significant campaign within the Muslim student community. Every year, during the last week of October, students and volunteers across the UK and five other countries unite to run projects and events in order to help raise money for impoverished and orphaned children across the world. Our very own Surrey Islamic Society (ISOC) takes part in this charitable cause, by not only raising money but also through helping the local Guildford community.

Despite the COVID regulations and social distancing rules, ISOC was not held back as they put together an array of activities such as a henna and spa night, Fifa night, a quiz night, and a bowling trip. All of the proceeds raised from each activity night contributed towards the Charity Week goal. It was during the last and the most significant event in Charity Week, the Charity Auction, where people bid on auctioned items, that ISOC managed to raise around £4700 from just this event alone. 

ISOC’s benevolence is not only limited to raising money, as they came together to help the local Guildford community. The last item for the Charity Auction was a large cake. Rather than distributing this cake amongst themselves, ISOC donated the cake to the staff at the Royal Surrey Hospital’s A&E who have been working relentlessly during the pandemic. The staff at the hospital appreciated the kind gesture. They also ran an Islamic History class, managed by the University’s Imam, Sheikh Husni, for children in the area. Members of ISOC could also be seen in the Guildford town centre bucketing in order to receive more donations. 

“Charity Week is one of our favourite times of the year. It’s a period which we dedicate to support our brothers and sisters in need, and we do so for the sake of Allah, and for Him alone. And each year we work towards the Charity Week vision—which is to create unity through charity!” said Aneesa Khan, the Sister’s Vice President of ISOC.

This year, students are also participating in a sponsored event by climbing Scafell Pike. For the last three years, students have been climbing Snowdon Mountain as part of their sponsored event, however, this year ISOC has decided to go beyond by scaling England’s highest mountain. 

These are the remarkable charities which the proceeds will be going to:

  • Heart Surgery for Refugee Children in Syria and Lebanon, 
  • Children’s Intensive Care Unit in Makassed Hospital, Jerusalem, 
  • Education for Street Children & Orphans in the Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria and Iraq, 
  • Emergency & Development Projects in Somalia, Yemen, Kosova, Sri Lanka, and Bosnia. 

The University of Surrey dominated the ranks of institutions who have raised the most money with an astounding total of £32,621!

Atiya Chowdhury is a final year English Literature student at the University of Surrey.

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